Environmental Policy

Evrostandart EOOD believes that a healthy environment is necessary for the well-being of society, our employees and our business, as well as a vital factor for a sustainable economy. We recognize that healthy natural resources are a critical component of social and economic development.

We take seriously our environmental responsibility and believe that we should play a constructive role in alleviating the harmful effect of human activities on the environment.

We recognize that our company has an impact on the environment through the goods we purchase, our normal business activities, and the investment advisory we provide.

Evrostandart EOOD recognizes that a successful environmental policy must begin with a focus on minimizing the impact of our own operations. Therefore, we will make efforts to ensure our employees and business practices adopt innovative environmental safeguards. In order to achieve this, our company has set a number of target objectives for our business and employees:

  • We will increase our use of recycled and environmentally certified wood, paper and print products, use energy efficient equipment, and purchase more organic and sustainably harvested products and supplies.
  • We will purchase more products locally, to reduce the environmental impact related to shipping, where practical.
  • We will develop environmentally sound procurement practices and incorporate environmental criteria into our supplier selection and review processes.

We realize that through our normal business activities we have the chance to positively impact the environment. Therefore, one of our most important environmental policies is our investment in the environmental education of our office and on-field employees. We encourage them to individually seek more environment-friendly ways of doing their everyday activities, such as:

  • Conserving electricity by using the power-saving functions of office and on-field equipment.
  • Reducing CO2 emissions by trimming down the use of company-owned and personal vehicles for traveling small distances, as well as substituting personal for public transportation, where appropriate.
  • Ensuring that supervised construction projects strictly adhere to environmental standards and policies.

Furthermore, in our consultancy practice we advise our clients to invest in environment-friendly projects which will have long-term beneficial effects both on their business and society as a whole. We have recognized that well-devised environmental policies ensure long-term business sustainability and we base our advisory on this premise. We believe that preserving the environment is a vital part of doing business and endorsing this principle requires new practices:

  • We make sure environment-friendly investment opportunities are brought to the attention of our clients with priority.
  • We explain to our clients the beneficial effects of environment-friendly projects and the resulting long-term sustainability.
  • We avoid endorsing projects which negatively affect the environment without providing a remedial plan or policy.