Construction Supervision

Following preparations for the opening of a construction site, a protocol for the opening of the site is prepared and a construction line and level for the construction are set. During the construction process, specialists in different fields sign reports after site inspections of the construction progress. After the construction is completed and the necessary documents are obtained from the client and the contractors employed in the construction of the project, a final report is prepared. This report describes all the participants in the process, the construction itself, and all accompanying documents, certifications, and approvals. The final report, together with the initially approved design and engineering project, and all technical documentation, is submitted, depending on the category of the project, either to the respective Municipality or, for higher-category construction, to the RDNCS (Regional Directorate for National Construction Supervision) for issuance of an Operational Permit.

What does “construction supervision” mean?

Construction supervision applies to residential and public buildings, shops, commercial buildings, medical centers, restaurants, entertainment venues, hotels, schools, kindergartens, universities, etc. The activity “construction supervision” includes control over the construction process and preparation of all necessary documentation – from the first shovel on a construction site to the commissioning of the given object. Highly qualified specialists in the respective fields closely monitor the quality of both the materials used and the work itself. Construction supervision guarantees the investor and all current and future stakeholders quality execution of the construction and installation work.

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